Meet the Creator.

Hi! I'm Ronni. Queer artist extraordinaire, Disability warrior, Writer of many words, Neurodivergent, Creator of Shark & Fox Co, a big gay apparel (etc) line, and will absolutely quote Schitts Creek to you, probably more than once.

No Different Than Me, was born from my inability to simply have a hobby. Well... that and my brother challenging me to draw one of my foxes with a neck brace like mine.

I have an array of disabilities that tend to be mostly invisible, minus when I have to use one of my many braces, or my crutches (which is often).

After I drew my fox, I knew I wanted to keep going. I needed to. What I was creating felt incredibly important.

As my collection grows, I'll continue highlighting not only visible disabilities, but invisible too.

Our communities are in constant need of more representation, and that's exactly what I'm out to do with No Different Than me.



*New Illustrations Added Weekly!*

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